Pricing + Services

y o u ’ v e m a d e i t t h i s f a r .


Nicholas Ram Media offers a wide-variety of services that many firms do not offer (at least–not together).

  • Brand + Graphic Design + Printing Services - logos, custom images, stationery such as business cards and printed specialty items

  • Web Design + Management - website and online presence, social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • SEO, Promotion and Marketing - Google Listings, Analytics and My Business, marketing strategies + brand promotion strategies

  • Productivity App Setup + Management - G Suite, Office 365, office setup

  • Professional Photography Services - headshots, events, weddings

Because we offer so many different services, unfortunately, our pricing does not come in packages or firm prices.

Instead, we like to get to know our clients and work within their means to come up with something that fits the needs (whether it be budgetary or customary) of their business.

To do this, we please ask that you fill our Client Services Questionnaire so that we can determine what services you need and offer you honest + fair pricing terms.